Tanglewood DBT PE HR

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Our stunning new Discovery Exotic Parlour is constructed from Hawaiian Rainwood, sustainably grown and imported from the South Pacific to give a wonderful appearance to this true statement piece instrument.

To maximise the Parlour instruments we can build, we produce only the back of each model in Rainwood, and construct matching sides from Walnut. Hopefully this exotic complement of timbers will allow us to produce the model for many years to come.

Our hand selected tops are from the mountains of the Himalayas. These hardy spruce timbers are chosen for their exquisite grade patterns and tonal excellence, and we are constantly reminded of the craftsmanship of these fine instruments as soon as we play them.

Quarter sawn tapered spruce bracing gives a gravitas and warmth to the construction of each top and lets every instrument sing.

We fit silky smooth Eboncore finger boards for maximum fret efficiency and feel and this particular model has an onboard 4

band EX4 EQ to make it stage or studio compatible.

One of the most exotic instruments we have ever produced, the perfect instrument for the player who wants something extra special.

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