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A Salty Dog is the third studio album by English rock band Procol Harum, released in 1969 by record labels Regal Zonophone and A&M.

A Salty Dog has an ostensibly nautical theme, as indicated by its cover (a pastiche of the famous Player's Navy Cut cigarette pack). Interspersed with straight rock, blues and pop items, A Salty Dog showed a slight change of direction from its predecessors, being thematically less obscure. The title track itself was the first Procol track to use an orchestra, as would be referred to in the live album performance released some three years later.

Side A
1. "A Salty Dog" Gary Brooker, Keith Reid 4:41
2. "The Milk of Human Kindness" Brooker, Reid 3:47
3. "Too Much Between Us" Brooker, Robin Trower, Reid 3:45
4. "The Devil Came from Kansas" Brooker, Reid 4:38
5. "Boredom" Matthew Fisher, Brooker, Reid 4:34

Side B
1. "Juicy John Pink" Robin Trower, Reid 2:08
2. "Wreck of the Hesperus" Fisher, Reid 3:49
3. "All This and More" Brooker, Reid 3:52
4. "Crucifiction Lane" Robin Trower, Reid 5:03
5. "Pilgrim's Progress" Fisher, Reid 4:32


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