Jamiroquai - Travelling WIthout Moving (Double Vinyl) (25th Anniversary) (Yellow Vinyl) (Reissue)

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1A Virtual Insanity (5:40)
2A Cosmic Girl (4:03)
3A Use The Force (3:59)
4A Everyday (4:27)
1B Alright (4:23)
2B High Times (5:57)
3B Drifting Along (4:03)
4B Didjerama (3:50)
1C Didjital Vibrations (5:47)
2C Travelling Without Moving (3:37)
3C You Are My Love (3:53)
4C Spend A Lifetime (4:10)
1D Do You Know Where You're Coming From ? (4:55)
2D Funktion (Ruff Mix) (8:28)
3D Cosmic Girl (Dimitri From Paris Remix Radio Edit) (4:27)

Stunning 25th Anniversary edition of Jamiroquai's 1996 classic, brand new and sealed!

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