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Family Entertainment is the second album by the British progressive rock band Family, released in March 1969. The cover of the album was a takeoff from the sleeve of the Doors' second album, Strange Days, as Family admitted.

Side one
1. "The Weaver's Answer" 5:00
2. "Observations from a Hill" 3:12
3. "Hung Up Down" 3:11
4. "Summer '67" (instrumental) Whitney 3:13
5. "How-Hi-the-Li" Ric Grech 4:55

Side two
1. "Second Generation Woman" Grech 3:14
2. "From Past Archives" 3:21
3. "Dim" 2:33
4. "Processions" Whitney 2:50
5. "Face in the Cloud" Grech 2:53
6. "Emotions" Whitney, Grech, Chapman 4:28


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