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Amnesty (I), also titled Amnesty I and sometimes referred to as Amnesty, is the fourth and final studio album by electronica duo Crystal Castles, released on August 19, 2016, on Fiction Records and Casablanca Records. It is their first album since the departure of previous frontwoman Alice Glass in 2014, and the first to feature new vocalist Edith Frances. It is also their first album not titled after their band name. Amnesty is also the band's shortest album to date, even with the extra runtime on the physical version. The album received lukewarm reviews by music publications, who criticized the album for having an outdated sound and not being as inspired as their past works.


1. "Femen" 2:32
2. "Fleece" 2:35
3. "Char" Kath Kath 3:08
4. "Enth" 3:29
5. "Sadist" 2:30
6. "Teach Her How to Hunt"1:55
7. "Chloroform" 3:08
8. "Frail" 2:49
9. "Concrete" 3:16
10. "Ornament" 4:07
11. "Their Kindness Is Charade" 3:45
Total length: 33:18


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