Citronic USB Audio Interface - 2 Microphone + 1 Instrument

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USB Audio Interface - 2 Microphone + 1 Instrument

Desktop USB soundcard for a computer-based recording studio. Featuring 2 independent microphone inputs on XLR/jack sockets and a separate 6.3mm instrument input. Each input has a gain control and there is an optional echo effect with deparate control. Monitoring is via a stereo 6.3mm headphone jack or L+R RCA line output on the rear of the unit for connecting monitor speakers. Power to the interface and two-way digital audio is connected via a USB type-C socket at the rear. Simple yet versatile operation for project studios and DAW recording setups.

  • 2 XLR/jack microphone inputs with gain and mute control
  • Separate instrument 6.3mm jack input
  • 48kHz sample rate
  • Inbuilt echo effect
  • 1.5m USB type C to A lead supplied
  • Power supply - 5Vdc (from USB)
  • Connection - USB type-C
  • Controls - Mic1, Mic2, Inst3, Effect, Monitor
  • Input connections - 2 x mic XLR/Jack, 1 x 6.3mm instrument jack
  • Phantom power - +48V switchable to XLR inputs
  • Frequency response - 10Hz - 30kHz (-0.5dB)
  • Input impedance : instrument1M Ohm
  • Input impedance : mic3k Ohm
  • Max. input sound level -Mic or Instrument +2dBu, Line +22dBu
  • Dynamic range - 100dB (A-weighted)
  • Sampling format - 48kHz, 16-bit
  • Monitor outputs - Headphones (stereo 6.3mm jack), Line out (L+R RCA)
  • Dimensions - 160 x 110 x 57mm
  • Weight - 529g

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