Beastie Boys – Ill Communication (Gatefold) (Double 180g Vinyl) (Reissue)

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A1 Sure Shot (3:20)
A2 Tough Guy (0:58)
A3 B-Boys Makin' With The Freak Freak (3:54)
A4 Bobo On The Corner (1:13)
A5 Root Down (3:32)
B1 Sabotage (2:59)
B2 Get It Together (4:06)
B3 Sabrosa (3:30)
B4 The Update (3:16)
B5 Futterman's Rule (3:42)
C1 Alright Hear This (3:07)
C2 Eugene's Lament (2:13)
C3 Flute Loop (1:55)
C4 Do It (3:17)
C5 Ricky's Theme (3:44)
D1 Heart Attack Man (2:15)
D2 The Scoop (3:36)
D3 Shambala (3:41)
D4 Bodhisattva Vow (3:09)
D5 Transitions (3:32)

Brand new and sealed copy of the Beastie's classic from 1994!

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