Barclay James Harvest - Gone to earth

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Gone to Earth is the eighth studio album by the English rock group Barclay James Harvest released in 1977.

Side one
1. "Hymn" John Lees 5:06
2. "Love is Like a Violin" Lees 4:03
3. "Friend of Mine" Les Holroyd 3:30
4. "Poor Man's Moody Blues" Lees 6:55
Side two
1. "Hard Hearted Woman" Holroyd 4:27
2. "Sea of Tranquility" Woolly Wolstenholme 4:03
3. "Spirit on the Water" Holroyd 4:49
4. "Leper's Song" Lees 3:34
5. "Taking Me Higher" Holroyd 3:07

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