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2-Driver In-Ear Monitors Black2-Driver In-Ear Monitors Black
2-Driver In-Ear Monitors Transparent2-Driver In-Ear Monitors Transparent
Cajon Medium Sized - Natural with  Bag
Hi-Hat drop clutch (8 mm rods)
Plastic Microphone Holder - Up to 30mmØ
Stagg 10” EX Brilliant Medium Splash
Stagg 13" Myra Rock Hi-Hat
Stagg 14" EX Brilliant Medium Crash
Stagg 14" Furia Bronze Hi-Hats
Stagg 14” EX Brilliant Medium Hi-hat
Stagg 16" Classic Medium Thin Crash Cymbal
Stagg 16" Double Hammered Medium Crash
Stagg 16" EX Brilliant Medium China
Stagg 16" EX Brilliant Medium Crash
Stagg 16" Genghis Dual Medium Crash
Stagg 16" Single Hammered Medium Crash
Stagg 17" Black Metal Rock Crash
Stagg 18" EX Brilliant Medium Crash
Stagg 20 AA R Acoustic Amplifier 20 Watts
Stagg 20" Single Hammered Medium Ride
Stagg 20” EX Brilliant Medium Ride
Stagg 22" Myra Brilliant Rock Ride
Stagg 5 Piece Black Sparkle Drum Kit
Stagg 8” EX Brilliant Medium Splash

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